Home Remedies for Cold Sore on Lip.

Cold sores are also known as a type of blister that commonly comes out on the lips of an infected person. A cold sore could also be very uncomfortable and can burst at any time. You’re most likely to get them on your lips but they could as sometimes found around the chin and nose. Cold sores are quite often mistaken for other conditions but they're really a result of the Herpes Simplex virus. 
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Being a type of Herpes Simplex virus makes these cold sores highly contagious and remains active in your body for many years. There are 2 main modes in the virus…The first is can live dormant for years and in this state is not contagious. The second mode is when it becomes active showing itself as a cold sore. In this state the virus is very contagious and is easily spread through contact, such as kissing.

Another variation of the virus is…Genital herpes which a person can get if a person with the cold sore virus has oral sexual activity with an uninfected person.

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Cold sores commonly bring a tickling sensation around the lips. If you feel such a symptom you should try and avoid any direct physical contact with others. Among the best home remedies for cold sore on a lip is frequently washing your face and hands. Towels, bed sheets and your pillow cases should be changed and washed often.

There are a few treatments that you can use for treating your cold sores. These include non-prescription medicines that are designed to reduce the symptoms of your cold sore giving you the much needed relief. These creams are very helpful for controlling an outbreak and help your body return to normal as fast as possible. An infected individual will likely have multiple outbreaks throughout their life. There are also some home remedies for cold sores on lips that you can try right now.

One of the most widely used popular home remedies for cold sores on a lip is the utilization of ice on the hurting area. This brings you some relief fast and can help to shorten the strength of the outbreak. It can also help the outbreak heal faster than leaving it untreated. The use of a tea bag on the affected area is also another preferred home remedy for cold sores on lips or anywhere else. The warmth of the tea bag should be in kept in place for at least 20 to 30 minutes.